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History & Background

Mirabelle Management was formed in 2004 with one single core value - exceptional customer service.  The leadership team has over 175 years of combined experience in healthcare, training, development, and technology.   Mirabelle Management provides first-class consulting services and is the creator of the EduCare training program.  

Sunset & Chardonnay

The concept for Mirabelle Management began over a glass of wine while watching a sunset. Scott and Jennifer Anderson, a dynamic duo professionally and personally, bring an incredible amount of health care experience to both the acute and long-term care world.  With a shared philosophy in collaboration and relationship building, it was no surprise that when Scott announced his retirement as President & CEO from North Memorial Health Care, the discussion of "What's next?" surfaced.   

For Scott and Jennifer, the decision came easily - but perhaps that was influenced by the Chardonnay and the thought that golf could only be played so many times each week. Taking Scott's acute health care and leadership experience and "marrying" it with Jennifer's long-term care expertise, the idea of a consulting company came to mind.  With a few notes jotted on a Chardonnay stained napkin paired with a lifetime of solid relationships in healthcare, Mirabelle Management was born.  

Sunset & Cocktail

While enjoying a cocktail and sunset on a family vacation, Mirabelle team members (Scott, Jennifer, Dewey and Linda Isaacson) were discussing the ongoing challenges of staff training and development in long-term care.   Constant turn over in part-time positions was causing intense stress for administrators and nurse leaders.   There had to be a better way to provide consistent messaging to all employees while providing tools for staff to be successful in care and service delivery and following the regulatory requirements.   A few notes jotted on a Mai Tai stained napkin and the training and organizational development expertise of Linda, nursing expertise of Jean Howell, technology acumen of Jason Isaacson, and organizational skills of Dewey, EduCare was launched.  

In case you are sensing a theme... EduCare's robust library of training courses now includes a module titled, "Substance Abuse!"  Today, EduCare serves more than 1200 organizations and most users would agree, there is nothing stuffy about the team at EduCare.  With a laid back style and hands-on approach, the team works hard to bring you quality programs and exceptional service... and they like to have fun while doing it! 

EduCare Training Program

Through EduCare, Mirabelle Management provides on-demand training programs for all segments in long-term care that will save providers time and money while guaranteeing compliance.  EduCare includes  unique, quality training programs and also provides the documentation tools and training requirements by license type and state.   

  • Assisted Living 
  • Adult Day Services
  • Home Care
  • Nursing Home/Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • South Dakota Board Approved Medication Assistant Training 

Memory Care and Medication courses are provided with each curricula

EduCare Program Benefits 

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Delivered Online or on DVD
  • No facilitator required
  • Learning Management System:  Online only
  • Consistent messaging for all employees
  • Documentation tools included
  • Regulatory training requirements provided
  • Compliance guarantee
  • Can be customized to your organization
  • New courses added every year
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Assistance getting employees loaded in the system
  • Program orientation at the time of initiation 
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Mirabelle Management has a 98% contract renewal rate among EduCare users.  Learn more

about why providers choose EduCare.  For more information, Contact Us!