New Employee Orientation

From documentation tools to specially designed on-boarding courses, EduCare provides everything you need to prepare your new employee to start working.  The curriuclum includes core training, medication and treatment, and dementia courses.  With EduCare, on-boarding is quick and easy. Available 24/7, minimize overtime costs through the convenience of having EduCare train your new employees for you! 

Clinical Competencies

CMS requirements include competency testing for all clinicians working in a skilled nursing facility setting.  EduCare has developed over 65 Clinical Competencies that you can use for licensed staff and an additional 70 for nursing assistants.  The compentencies are available as part of your standard curriuclum package at EduCare.   No additional fees for access. 

Annual, Ongoing Training

Beyond the initial orientation core training, EduCare has many additional courses that you can use to meet your annual training requirements.  Need something on Pressure Ulcer Prevention?  We have it.  Activities for those with Memory Loss?  We have it.  Elder Justice Act, Person-Centered Care, or Spirituality?  We have that too!  No more worries of coming up with new content month after month, we will do that for you!

We partner with EduCare because they are premier experts at providing quality training programs and documentation tools to meet state and federal requirements customized for each licensure.  Our staff has embraced this way of learning and our reults are excellent!

~  Kyle Nordine | Northfield Retirement Community

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