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Team Building - You Want Me To Work With Them?

Working in a team environment has its positives and negatives which is largely attributable to whether a team understands each other and gets along.  This session provides the basic components of a successful team, explores various work styles, and discovers what an emotional bank account is and how it affects the work setting.  

Effective Communication - Say What?

Communication between team members in the workplace can be one of the greatest sources of frustration and yet, the most successful teams espouse that great communication leads to their success.  This session provides the tools to effectively communicate with your team including listening skills, responding to others, and overcoming rumors and gossip.

Work Styles - Do They Really Matter?

Every employee has a different and unique work style. This session focuses on understanding your own style as well as the style of those around you.  You will explore how work styles affect how people approach their work, how they perform in different situations, and how outcomes are achieved.  

We opened a new memory care community and hired the Mirabelle team to facilitate a two-day session that included core dementia training as well as customer service, work styles, and team building activities.  After one year, 97% of our original team is still in place.  In our industry, that's amazing!

~  Eric Worke, President Colony Court 

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