Marketing & Business Development

In today's economy, companies are reaching out to consultants to assist in building strategic marketing and business development plans in an effort to sustain or grow their business.  Work with a Mirabelle Management executive to facilitate a strategic planning session or design a marketing, business development, or strategic plan unique for you that will bring your organization to the next level of performance.  

Business Operations & Process Optimization

Ever wonder why your business isn't operating as effectively and smoothly as you would like?  Do you have the right systems in place?  Do you have the right people in place?  Work with Mirabelle Management team members to uncover current your state as well as identify the critical components you need to build and maintain a successful operation. Tools used may include Six Sigma, Lean and Business Process Redesign.

Training & Organizational Development 

The manner in which your employees are trained  within an organization can be the difference whether they stay or go.  Did you know that most people leave their position within the first 90 days because they did not feel successful and supported in their role?  Mirabelle Management has a unique process that will build training programs for your unique setting, with corresponding audit tools, that will establish an environment where employees feel equipped to perform their duties.  

In our manufacturing plant, we had an incident where an employee was injured at work.  We quickly learned, that the training this employee received was insufficient to meet the critical demands and safety protocols required.  We hired Mirabelle Management to build an effective training program for our plant.  We were very pleased with the outcome and have had no further incidents.  

~  Rob E. Holt, President Super Radiator Coils

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