New Employee Orientation 

From documentation tools to specially designed on-boarding courses, EduCare provides everything you need to prepare your new employee to start working.  Memory Care and Medication courses are provided.  With EduCare, on-boarding is quick and easy. Available 24/7, minimize overtime costs through the convenience of having EduCare do the new employee training for you!

Annual, Ongoing Training

Beyond the initial orientation, EduCare has many additional courses that you can use to meet your annual training requirements.  Need something on Team Building?  We have it.  Dementia Training?  We have it.  Insulin Administration, Mental Illness, or Aromatherapy?  We have that too!  No more worries of coming up with new content month after month, we will do that for you!  Give us your ideas for new modules, and they can be added.

Customize Your Courses

We work with organizations like yours that want more than generic training.  With EduCare, you provide us with your policies, procedures, expectations, and forms and we will customize the core training courses so that your employees know exactly what you expect of them and we will do the customization.  For more information, inquire about our Gold Program.

Our Director of Nursing cannot imagine doing staff training without EduCare.  Well, actually she can, but it would be a nightmare!  EduCare is a great solution for us and we highly recommend it for assisted living providers who want a comprehensive, compliant solution. 

​~  Dave Carlson, CEO Galeon Retirement Community  

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